The Round Up program is a voluntary program that allows customers to "round up" their electric bill to the nearest dollar. The spare change goes into a special account maintained by Grand Electric. Grand Electric does not withhold any administrative costs or accounting fees. Five committee members who represent the areas served by Grand Electric decide how the funds will be dispersed.

Participation in the Round up program is strictly voluntary. You can sign up by sending back the form found below, call the office, or stop by the office and let one of our customer service representatives know.

The average contribution per member is about 50 cents per month or $6.00 per year. The maximum amount that can be rounded up, is 99 cents. With this small change, thousands of dollars can be generated and can make a big difference to the people in our service area.

All Round Up donations will be placed in a trust maintained by Grand Electric. It is the responsibility of the Round Up committee to select individuals or families who are facing a serious hardship or organizations or community projects that need financial assistance. The Round Up committee is served by five Grand Electric members. Those currently serving on the committee are: Michelle Ploog Boyles, Shadehill; Donna Cammack, Stoneville; Julie Foster, Meadow; Sarah Juergens, Bison and Denise Kalisiak, Ludlow.

The funds will be available to help any charitable projects for organizations, groups, families, or individuals within the service territory of Grand Electric Cooperative, Inc. No funds shall in any way be used to support any candidate for political office or for any political purpose.

Together, by giving a few cents a month, Grand Electric members can make a big impact on the lives of our members.