Staff & Employees

Staff & Employees

Grand Electric Staff

General Manager - Colle Nash

Assistant General Manager - Colgan Huber

Manager of Electric Operations - Mike Lemburg

Office Manager - Kay Grinsteinner


Electric Operations Department

Assistant Operations Manager - Steve Senn

Area Supervisor (Bison) - Randy Kopren
Journeyman Linemen in Bison - Kenny Kocer, Luke Clements, Brady Hathaway and Riley Dalzell
Apprentice Lineman - Tanner Johnson

Areas Supervisor (Buffalo) - Jerry Swartz
Journeyman Lineman - Scott Koan
Apprentice Linemen - Trent Madsen and Clint Stangle

AMI/Meter/Staking Technician - Mike Stadler

Materials Coordinator - Will Besler

Mechanics - Tyler Fisher


Member Services Department

Journeyman Customer Sales & Service Technician - James Sandgren
Customer Sales & Service Apprentice Technician - Clayton Prelle


Office Personnel

Administrative Assistant/Benefits Administrator - Pam Kolb

Customer Service Supervisor - Tally Seim
Customer Service Representatives - Tonya Collins, Bonnie Sander, Sara Hauser, Pat Palmer, Janelle Goddard and Brooke Schecher

Accounting Supervisor - Connie Bootz
Accountants - Nancy Miles, Jeannie Reiff and Tami Kilcoyne

Head Custodian - Larry Hendricks                        

Marketing/Tech Specialist - Rachel Eggebo